Monday, November 3, 2008

I Am A NaNo Warrior (But Still A Cheater)

Today marks Day Three of National Novel Writing Month. Today does not mark the day that I actually met a daily goal. But I have excuses! Very good excuses. Like my weekend was extremely busy (new phones, new clothes, new puppies ... not mine, thank goodness but who can write when there are two new puppies to adore?). Still, the weekend is over and today is Monday and so I must face the fact that I have committed myself to NaNo. Today I wrote 2,488 words. The daily goal is 1,677. If you write 1,677 words for 30 days you'll reach 50,000. 


The number of words is staggering and yet it's only half of your average single title romance. And we aren't talking 50,000 good words here people. We're talking 50,000 first draft words which are vastly different from good words. At least in my case. Still, I feel relatively decent about them. And don't tell anyone, but I am cheating. I am adding to an existing manuscript. Don't yell at me. I already explained myself. And I stand by the cheating thing. Why? Because regardless of what rule I am breaking, I am writing and writing well. I am in my groove. I have found my manuscript voice and it feels wonderful. Today, for the first time, I realized who my characters really are and suddenly, there they are, alive on the page. In 2,488 measley words, I got there. I found what I was looking for and today, everything looks like smooth sailing. Which is ridiculous of course, but hey, I'm a ridiculous sort of girl. And you know what?

It feels good. 

It feels really, really good. 

It feels like I am a writing warrior. 

So as far as I am concerned, on Day Three of NaNo, I have already won. 

NaNo Word Count: 2,488

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