Saturday, November 22, 2008

Carmel Apple Love

In charge of the appetizer for Thanksgiving? Scrambling yet? I have your solution. A five minute solution. A solution so easy, The Husband even offered to do it for me. Carmel Apple Dip. And no, not straight from the tub. This does actually require some work so you don't have to feel guilty about your lack of effort. 

All you need is a tub of carmel dip (16 oz) and a bar of cream cheese (you're already adding carmel, no need to get fat free, go for the glory!). And a bag of apples. I prefer the Honeycrisp variety (btw, there are an amazing amount of websites out there dedicated to apples ... ). 

Heat the cream cheese in the microwave for 30 seconds, then using a mixer, combine the carmel and cream cheese. Cut up the apples and wa-la! A simple app for not much money or time. The only problem? Getting it to your destination without eating the whole batch first! And even after refridgeration, the dip is still nice, smooth and easy to get on that apple slice.

Next up - Apple Cider

A gallon of apple cider, a carton of Aspen Mulling Company Spiced Apple Cider Drink Mix and a little bit of rum. Just a little bit of rum, so that when you're pulling the turkey out of the oven you don't lose your grip and send that fabulous bird sliding across the floor. I keep the whole mixture on low heat on the stove all day (just make sure you stir occasionally so the bottom doesn't start to burn). Then after the family has returned to the comforts of their own home, feel free to add a bit more rum.

Of course, it's still just as good without the rum, but not half as fun. 

(I did not intent to rhyme. Don't make fun.)

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