Friday, November 7, 2008

A Bit of Inspiration

Wandering through blogland yesterday I stumbled across Word Nerd's prolific blog and had to stop to read. Boy am I glad I did! Not only is Bethany infinitely diverting, she also offers keen insight to the writing life. What caught my attention, though, was a picture she had posted of a blackboard in her living room (um, how cool is it that her apartment is part of an old school building?). On the board a written message offers inspiration whenever it's needed (passed on from mystery/thriller writer Marcus Sakey). I immediately emailed her and asked for permission to post the picture here. It's also now part of my "writing notebook", printed out and taped inside. And really, no more explanation is needed. 

Thank you, Bethany. 

NaNo ~ I had to stop today and do a little re-vamp on my outline. I don't count it as a day lost but days saved. I know the whole point of NaNo is to write without thinking but I don't work that way. If I don't think, I end up thinking too much and going back and unpicking pages upon pages of work. 

I also went through what I had already written to highlight just dialogue. I do this to make sure my characters are still speaking in the same voice they had from the beginning and to ensure they were progressing in their relationship, becoming more comfortable with each other. I think I'm on the right path. 

Happy Friday!

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