Sunday, August 23, 2009

If I Had a Million Dollars Game

You remember that song by Bare Naked Ladies? If I had a million dollars I'd buy you a monkey? Well somehow it got stuck in my head the other day and hasn't gone away. And it's left me wondering what five things I would want if I had a million dollars. OK, more like a say, ten million (accounting for inflation since that song came out), but for reasons of cleverness in this blog post title, if I had a million dollars I would ...

Have a library like this ...

In a house like this ... 

And drive this car ...

Vacation here ...

With style like this ...

Now it's your turn. Pick five things you would have/do if you had unlimited funds. Trust me, I know we'd all do something good with that money (I'd set up funds for couples wishing to adopt), but this is a purely selfish post. So be selfish and on your blog, post five pictures of what you would do with a million dollars. Be sure to put a link to your blog in the comments so I can see what you all would really want!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ode to All Things Western

In the spirit of The Great Western Drive going on over at Ramblings on Romance, The Misadventures of a Super Librarian, and The Good The Bad The Unread, I thought I'd do a little participation today and list my favorite western things ... 

Favorite Western Movies:
Lonesome Dove 
Open Range
Two Mules for Sister Sara

Favorite Western Actors:
Robert Duvall
Kevin Costner (supposedly developing a miniseries for AMC or A&E ...)

Favorite Western Authors
Louis L'Amour
Linda Lael Miller
Geralyn Dawson

Favorite Western Romances
Cherish by Catherine Anderson
The Bad Luck Wedding Cake by Geralyn Dawson
One Wish by Linda Lael Miller

Favorite Western TV Shows
Young Riders (is there anything better than Josh Brolin on a horse?)
Gun Smoke

And where did it all start? 

Monday, August 17, 2009

In the Land of Emily

Once upon a time in the Land of Emily there was a girl, Emily who ... 

Oh forget it, clearly I am not a fairy tale writer. 

I was going to write a wonderful little blog post about why I haven't been posting but I don't really have any excuses except:

1. I've been traveling

2. I've been reading and watching Mad Men

3. I've been in a creative mud hole to which my muse refuses to come

4. I've been looking for a job

So. I am no longer traveling, I am nearing the end of Season 2 of Mad Men, my mud hole is drying up and today I got a job. Does this mean you should expect more posts in the future? God, I hope so. In the meantime, here are some of the books I've been reading. I'm on a Nora Roberts kick.

Elsewhere, please head on over to Misadventures of a Super Librarian, Ramblings on Romance, and The Good The Bad The Unread for a fun filled week dedicated solely to Western Romances called, THE GREAT WESTERN DRIVE. My very favorite kind. I cannot wait for this: 

Due out September 2nd or thereabouts. I love Jo. I love this cover. I shall love this book. Is it September yet?

Also, check this out a four book a day giveaway. It's a great new site called The Season dedicated to historical romances. My love for historicals will never cease. 

And this post by Jenny Crusie made me happy this morning. 

I think that's it. More later.