Friday, October 10, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things ~ 10/10

My Favorite Book: A Silent Ocean Away by Deva Gantt


I can't say its my favorite book since I haven't actually read it but I haven't been this excited about a new book in a long time (without previously reading something else by the author). In the 1830s Charmaine Ryan leaves poverty in Virginia behind her for the West Indies to serve as a governess for a prominent family. What follows is a story of intrigue, treachery, romance and family. I believe its the first in a series, out on October 14. 

My Favorite Blog: Another new one, this from Miss Musing. A 20-something blogger feeling her way into the real world. Her voice is youthful and honest and she writes about things I myself have experienced. Her blog is universal. 

My Favorite CD: Randy Rogers Band's self titled CD.

I've been looking forward to new music from RRB since Roller Coaster. Best Song so far - One Woman. Sure, its country (I love country) but RRB has a distinct voice truly deserving of the label of Real Texas Country. Pop in this CD, close your eyes and you'll find yourself on a back porch in the middle of the Texas landscape while Roger's voice, rough and rugged, sweeps around you. 

My Favorite Pop Culture Moment: TBS has renewed My Boys! The Husband loves Jordana Spiro and since I kind of have a girl crush on her myself, it's OK with me. Last season ended as PJ opened the door for Bobby on the eve of his wedding, only to see Bobby's brother, Jack emerging from PJ's bathroom. WHAT WILL BOBBY DO?

My Favorite Buy:

I have a sort of obsession (I have a lot of obsessions) with rubbery duckies. Behold, Pirate and Cow. Available in the baby section at Target. For anyone else out there just like me. 

My Favorite Picture:

Compliments of wikipedia, here's a trio of Maine Coon Cats. I want one. Jack would disown me, but I want one. Look at those ears! They look like they have something to tell you, if you'd only listen closely enough. Can't you imagine a witch with one of these cats? 

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