Friday, October 3, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things ~ 10/03

This week my favorite things list is a little slim. I haven't had much time to pay attention to the world around me because ... well, there are many reasons. But if you read further, past the favorite things stuff, you'll run into a little confession not unlike those made by Becky in the Shopaholic series. 

My Favorite New Book ~ Its very, very sad. I do not have a favorite read this week. I am reading Sense and Sensibility but since it isnt “new” to me I dont feel right in calling it a favorite new read. Just a read.

My Favorite Blog Entry ~ Clever Blog Name Here. Actually its not so much as an entry as it is an entire blog. While coasting through some blog rolls of the blogs I follow, I stumbled across this one by Ashley, an awesome photographer who posts various pictures from her daily life and job. The blog is like a crab-leg feast for your eyes! (Because crab legs are my favorite food. Insert your own foods into that description and youll be just as satisfied as I am). 

I wish she could have photographed my wedding because let me tell you, I had an EXPERIENCE with my photographers. Half the pictures were blurry, one half of the duo spent the entire time flirting with my sisters boyfriend, there was a nasty moment when we thought they wouldnt show up … Anyway, maybe thats a post for another day.

… and ACTUALLY! I just noticed that the fabulous Ashley commented on my very first blog post. It looks as though we found the others blog on the exact same day. So Ashley, if you are reading this, thank you for the great new blog to follow!

My Favorite Pop Culture News ~ Sophie Kinsella's fabulous Shopaholic series has been options and made into a movie starring Ilsa Fisher. I love Becky ~ she's the girl that reminds us that no matter how much we screw up, some way, some how, there is hope. 

My Favorite Song ~ Taylor Swift's Love Song from her upcoming album, Fearless. The song and accompanying video embodies every high school's girls most romantic dream. Listening to it takes me back to all the notions I had of love between the ages of 14 and 18. It's nice to go back. Waaay back. 

And now on to the confession ...

My Favorite Buy ~ Shoes from Charlotte Russe

I have a slight problem. I am not much of a shopper but occasionally I see something that I MUST HAVE NOW. It happens at the most inopportune times too, mostly when Husband and I are trying to keep to our money diet. Or when I get to the store only to realize they dont have my size. This time it happened with a pair of shoes.

About four weeks ago (this has been going on for four weeks, I am now in a bit of a frenzy, or was since I just got them) I was at a work party and noticed a pair of black suede ballet slippers on the feet of a friendly co-worker. So I asked her where she got them. Charlotte Russe, she said, in Chicago while shopping with her daughter. Down here in good ole Central Illinois we dont, much to my dismay, have a Charlotte Russe. So I shrugged, knowing I would never see these shoes, and talked about other things. Except, when I climbed into bed that night, IT started to happen. The overwhelming sensation that I MUST HAVE THESE SHOES NOW. I couldnt stop thinking about them. They looked so soft, so sleek and really, really great with blue jeans. Somehow I managed to calm myself down and went to work the following Monday with not a thought in my head about those shoes. Except my co-worker? Yeah, you guess it, she wore the shoes again. OK, so now there was no denying, I needed those shoes. When I got back from a meeting I pulled up the CR website and waaaaa-laaaa, there they were, front and center for the bargain price of $18.99 and free shipping. Hello shoes! Just for kicks and giggles I clicked on the location link and what do you know? There was a CR in the next town. The town Husband and I were going to on Wednesday for our anniversary. Bingo! I could just pick them up there. I even called and yes, they had the shoes in stock. So, sure I had to wait until Wednesday to get the shoes but better than waiting with drool running down my chin for the mailman every day, right? Wednesday we had a very lovely dinner. The chicken Marsala was delicious. The conversation was witty and fun. Yet it was creeping up on 9 pm when CR closed. So I tried, ever so subtly, to get Husband to finish up his chocolate mousse (OK, my chocolate mousse, I cannot lie, I am addicted to that stuff). Apparently “Honey, are you done yet?” is not very subtle though because he sighed hugely, paid the bill and off we went. Anticipation started to build. In just a few short minutes I would slip my feet into the delicious feel of cheap suede shoes. Black ones. To match the dress I was wearing. We entered the store. My woman-shopping-radar immediately identified the shoe section. I was off. I frantically searched the shelves, pulling down box after box while Husband tried valiantly to help. He even suggested a rather pretty pair that I might have considered earlier. But finally I had to face facts, THE SHOES WERE NOT THERE. The sales girl on the phone lied to me. She lied! Disappointed and now regretting the amount of chocolate mousse I ate, we left for the long, bitter drive home. Before I went to bed I logged on and ordered the shoes from CR. And waited for the mailman with the drool on my chin. Yesterday they came. Sweet, sweet shoes!

But THEN …

I was on the phone with my husband while randomly walking down an aisle in Target. He ran out to the mailbox for me to see if my CR shoes had arrived and they had! I was so excited I stopped short in the aisle. Only to look down and see a BETTER PAIR OF SHOES. I now must have these:

Theyre in black and BROWN. And they are lined with warm looking stuff. Again, I tried to tell myself I didnt need these shoes (even for the low, low price of $14). I went home, put on my new shoes and danced around a bit. This morning I planned my outfit accordingly and happily stuffed my feet into my brand new shoes (trying not to think about the Target shoes). Except … the CR shoes? Biggest blisters ever! And now all I can think about is how soft and comfortable the other ones would have been.

And one more thing. Over lunch, because I couldnt stand it anymore, I bought these little gel heel liners. THESE might qualify for the best buy this week. I got them at Walgreens for 5 bucks. Ladies, if your favorite shoes rub uncomfortably against your heels, you cant go wrong with these little adhesive gel strips.

I have blisters. But I won't show you. Not even if you beg. 

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