Friday, October 24, 2008

Look What I Bought

Borders is having a sale this weekend. Buy two romances, get one free. So I betook myself there this rainy Friday night and my goodness! The shelves were literally picked over. But I managed to find three lovely novels. Well, I hope they'll be lovely. I'm in serious need of a good read.

A Wanted Man ~ Linda Lael Miller

A few weeks ago I reviewed The Rustler and have been drooling after the other books in the series ever since. A Wanted Man follows a Rowdy, a reformed outlaw. OK, let us just forget his name is Rowdy (see The Rustler review) and hope the book is as good as The Man From Stone Creek and The Rustler.

One of the Girl Bachelor series, Secret Desires of a Gentleman follow an impoverished girl and the man who ruined her dreams years ago. I read And Then He Kissed Her when it was first released and loved it though I hadn't yet gotten around to reading the rest of the Girl Bachelor series. This weekend seems like the perfect time to start. It's suppose to rain outside and be, ugh, COLD. I think a fireplace and a good book is the best way to spend my time. 

Delicious ~ Sherry Thomas

There has been so much hubbub about Sherry Thomas' books Delicious and Private Arrangements. I pick up one or the other each time I go into a bookstore and I put them down each time. But today, since I get a free one, I decided what the heck. I have all the faith in the world that Sherry's book will live up to the hype and the first chapter has not disappointed yet. The hook alone has worked it's magic ...
It retrospect people said it was a Cinderella story. 
Noticeably missing was the personage of the Fairy Godmother. But other than that, the narrative seemed to contain all the elements of a fairy tale.
So, this week's purchases, thanks to Borders' little sale, are all about books I've been meaning to pick up but haven't done. Come on ladies, entertain me this weekend!

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