Friday, October 17, 2008

A Novel Idea - Book Teasers

Today on Blog of Note a blog called ReadingAdventures has been spotlighted. Marg is a voracious reader and has several blogs (where does she find the time?). She has a regular feature called Teaser Tuesdays in which she asks her readers to open to a random page of their favorite book or the book they are reading and post two lines from the text. I am surprised, really, that she hasn't gotten more attention from authors because I can tell you from the several Tuesday posts I read, I would definitely go out and buy the books (or at least look them up on Amazon) she herself "teased". So, anyway, in celebration of finding a new blog to read (I'm a blog slut), here is my Teaser:

Maeve Binchy's Firefly Summer (a rainy day read if there ever was one) on page 492

"You know, hanging around too long, hoping that when this is over - when that is over - the world will settle down as you would like it, as you design it."

Did it grab your attention? Because Marg's choice of the day certainly did. Here it is, from The
Other Queen by Philippa Gregory, on page 249

He smiles at that and bows to me, a great sweep of a bow as if I were an empress, and then he dashes off, long-legged like a cold in a springing field. Such a sweet, sweet boy, he makes me think of my own son, little James, and the man that I hope he will be.

Now I'll admit I was all ready to buy this book anyway but now it's firmly on my To Be Read shelf ... well, just as soon as I can purchase it. I met my book spending allowance this month already. So sad. Anyway, congratulations Marg!


Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reading in Seattle said...

I somehow missed your Tuesday Teasers!! Did you post it on the host site? :)

I LOVE Philippa Gregory books!

Take care ~ Wendi

Emily said...

Wendi ~ Yup, this time I put my Tuesday Teaser on ReadingAdventures but I think from now on I will post them here as well. Love your blog btw!