Saturday, October 4, 2008

And Heeeeere's Jack

This is Jack. He looks sweet. Looks can be decieving. As I type this he is doing what I like to call his "porn star roll". He rolls around on the floor with his legs in all directions giving me come-hither looks. I've tried to photograph this but he's wiley. He knows I want a picture of it so of course as soon as I make a move toward the camera, he moves. Anyway, without further ado, Jack:

The First Day

Jack and Coke (at five months he's already addicted ... the boy loves coke boxes, and beer boxes and bascially any kind of box he can use as a hide-out. The boxes have the added benefit of being made of cardboard, so when he gets hungry, he can just chew)

Sleeping Kitty Looks Harmless (its all part of his master plan)

Jack at Christmas (the lights call to him)

Fat Cat Jack (he refuses to believe he's getting fat)

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