Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello Super Librarian, I Love You

So Wendy, Super Librarian and blogger extraordinaire has set up a wiki (I am still learning about wikis, they seem ridiculously hard to me although the concept is great) featuring up and coming historical romance novels. On her blog, Wendy mentioned that she is working to make navigating the wiki easier and adding new releases all the time. 

Wendy, you are my hero. The Husband may curse your name (when he reads this and discovers the implications) because now I can do all my "shopping" from the comforts of my couch then head to Borders armed with a list. I could do this before via Amazon but lets face it, when you hit "browse" romance novels and the first book that pops up is Gone With the Wind, you know the search is going to be a head banger ... Also, I know tons of people out there luuuurve paranormals but seriously, does Amazon promote anything else, like say, Westerns? The Husband hates when I make lists of books. Because it usually means I buy everything on that list. Poor man. 

Anyway, check out Wendy's wiki:

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Wendy said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out!

Wikis are insanely easy - at least the platform I use (Wetpaint). If you can use Blogger, you can use Wetpaint :-)

Unfortunately navigation is pretty much as is. You're stuck using the menu along the left hand side - where I have a page for every month from October 08 to August 09 (for now). There's also a search box, but I haven't even experimented with that, so not sure how well it works!

And before anybody asks - highly unlikely that I'll do one of these for every romance sub genre. I'm one girl, and I'd go insane. I picked historicals because they're my "first love."