Friday, February 27, 2009


I've been absent. 
I thought quiting my job and staying home with my son full-time would give me a little more freedom. 
Oh how I was deceived. 
There is no such thing as freedom. No such thing as weekends. 
There is only Crazy Mom Time. 
Which leaves little to no time for writing blog posts or romance novels. No, instead my days are filled with dishes, bottles, diapers, Baby Einstein videos that somehow suck me in, diapers, baby talk, clothes being changed, diapers, cuddling, crying, comforting, playing, diapers ... did I mention diapers? 
I have been assured it will get better. I love the time with my son, how could I not? But it has to get better, right? 
So until it does, expect radio silence. 

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