Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today I had at least two hours to do with whatever I wanted. So I sat down to do some plotting (I love plotting) and instead I succumbed to temptation. I didn't plot. Bad writer! Instead I spent one hour and forty-five minutes searching for songs to add to my writing playlist. TECHNICALLY I was working on my book. Technically. Unfortunately my notepad is still empty although my iPod has an interesting list on it. A few samples ... 

LeeAnn Womack's Last Call
Duffy's Mercy
Lady Antebellum's Run To You

... Those are just three of many. I find songs so inspiring when I need to slip into the dreamstate needed for writing. My creativity ups a couple notches each time I listen to the songs that remind me of my current project. I feel a little bad about not writing anything. But not bad enough. Bad writer! 

P.S. Wander on over to Reading Romance Books to check out my review of Catherine Anderson's Star Bright ... it wasn't the best read and writing bad reviews is always difficult.


EP said...

I love, love, love songs that inspire me like that!

Emily said...

EP ~ The songs are proving to be extremely helpful! I don't feel like I wasted time anymore.