Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Dreaded To Be Read(ed) Pile

To Be Read piles shouldn't be a dreadful thing. Quite the opposite actually, they should be a happy little pile sitting next to your bed just waiting for you to pick one up. Unfortunately my TBR pile is growing to monstrous proportions and I've added three more recently. I can't wait to get to them and yet they sit glumly at the bottom, knowing it will be MONTHS before I even crack the spine. Poor dears. 

A Season to be Sinful, however, is one I am reading, despite it's bottom of the pile status - a sweet fellow blogger sent it my way and I am so glad she did because it has me hooked. Sure, the heroine does faint, as all heroines do in Jo Goodman's books but if you come to expect such a thing, it hardly even bothers. Hardly. 

In other reading news, I'm afraid I've missed the Christmas rush. Each year I eagerly anticipate the release of numerous Christmas Romances but it seems this year the selection is wearing a little thin - or maybe its just me. So if you have any good recommendations - new or otherwise, I adore Christmas Westerns. Although I myself (insert shameless plug) wrote a regency Christmas romance, I find the Westerns to be my favorites. Its been awhile since I found a straight up holiday contemporary that I really enjoyed so send suggestions on those my way too! 

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