Sunday, January 25, 2009

And I'm Back ...

It's been awhile. OK, a long while. But I've been busy. Well, sort of.

The past two weeks I've been busily looking for a new job. I found one and I start tomorrow with mixed emotions. It will be nice to talk to adults everyday but I will miss my little man. He turned eight weeks today and he gets cuter everyday. 

Look for a book review of Kristan Higgins' new book, Too Good To Be True, on Tuesday. 

Also next week Keli Gwyn from Romance Writers on the Journey will post an interview from me about, well, my writing journey. 

And I am busy plotting out my next endeavor and I'm in love with my characters. Plotting may be my favorite part of the process. That and writing "The End". 

In any case, look for more posting in the future and thanks for waiting around! 

1 comment:

EP said...

How exciting for you! I hope the new job goes well tomorrow and that the new little writing project is also wonderful. It sounds like so much fun!

And your boy? So cute!