Monday, March 30, 2009

Unexpected Delights - Mailbox Monday

Today I am baby-free and job-free and so I thought I would sit down and READ. It's been a long time since I could devote an entire day to just being lazy and today I am going to take full advantage. Luckily I have two lovely books just waiting to be cracked open. First up is:

I am an avid Meg-fan and I can't imagine why I haven't read this book before. But she's funny and smart and it's a quick read, just the way I like them. And BONUS, it was in the bargain bin for $4.

And then, someone new:

The back blurb sounded funny. A baker who has to bake her ex's wedding cake and then discovers she has the magic ability to make fabulous cakes full of revenge. I like it! Also, Ms. Madison has a cute blog at:

It's going to be a happy day!

P.S. I miss my kid!

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