Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where To Begin Or The Introduction Part One

I've been dithering for days. 

(That's the first thing you should know. I'm a dither-er ... ditherer? Is that even a word? It is now. I'm a writer. I get to decide.). 

Some would call it procrastination. Some would call it fear of rejection. I prefer dithering. Or percolating. Because I've decided to start this blog and I really wonder ... why? And where do I begin?

So after days of arguing with myself and coming up with really some awesome blog post titles (for future blog posts. They're great, trust me.) I finally decided to just suck it up and write the terrible first one. Because you can't really just dive into a blog without any type of introduction, can you? 

So here it is. 

The Introduction Part One.

Arguments I have had with myself over the past few days which will hopefully give you an idea of who I am and why you should keep reading:
  1. Should I be anonymous and therefore mysterious? Perhaps not. I read blogs by "anonymous" people - mainly authors who want to have their say and not offend their readers or potentials at the same time. But if I were completely honest with myself, this blog is sort of a way of marketing - getting my name out there. Because some day I am going to publish this really great book about really great people and I need to make really great money so my future publisher will want more really great books and let's face it ... people love blogs. I know. I'm one of them. So, I decided to put myself out there. 
  2. But how far out there? Where should I draw the line? If I were completely honest, I think most readers (hello? Is there anyone out there?) might find themselves on the far side of the too much information line. I tend to ramble. But if you want to get an idea of what I could write about but won't let myself, check out the list on the left over there called Things I Would Blog About If I Knew You Better. Go on, check it out. I'll just be here waiting, twiddling my thumbs. Back so soon? It's a short list now. It'll get longer. This leads me to ... 
  3. What should I blog about? Welllll ... the things that interest me the most. TV (its premiere week, is anyone else peeing in their pants about the return of The Office tonight?); books (romance baby, gotta have my happily ever after); writing (because, you know, you can never have too many opinions on how you should write your book! - sense the sarcasm my friends); my real job (God, wouldn't it be great if my job were like The Office? I mean sure, you get Michael, but you also get to stare at Jim. There are no Jims anywhere near my cube); and my friends/family (because lets face it, they do some crazy weird stuff sometimes. Oh and my cat, Jack, who is currently watching TV. I kid you not. He loves baseball.
  4. So ... how often? I'm not really good with discipline. Really. Not. Good. Self-imposed deadlines are like a death sentence for whatever project I am currently working on. So to self-impose a schedule ... eeek, I think I see hives. But here's a promise. At least twice a week. I am a personal lover of people who blog everyday but those people are incredibly interesting whereas I like to think of myself as mildly amusing. 
  5. Any rules? Rules, schumles. OK, so I'll try not to swear but sometimes my fingers just take over. And I'll keep the venting to a minimum - except on Very Bad Work Days. Other than that, who needs 'em?
So ... that's that. I hope lots of people come out to play. I'm nice. Really. Tell your friends about me. And then if they hate me, tell them I promised you all sorts of money and time share incentives to get the word out. 

My name is Emily, and I am blogging. 

P.S. Who the hell (oops, rule broken) came up with the word "blog"? It's not a very pretty word. If anyone out there wants to share the origin of this crazy word, go for it. I would appreciate it. 

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Ashley said...

Great intro! :)

Welcome! :)

2 Things I love about this blog already:

1. "Things I Would Blog About If I Knew You Better"

2. The Happy Hour! What a great idea. I want to read that book now!