Friday, September 26, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things ~ 9/26

Book: A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson 
I haven't actually read this yet but I have been looking at it on the Borders bookshelf since it was first published. Bryson caught my attention with A Walk in the Woods when I was 17 and its a book I will never forget. Hopefully this will be the same. 

TV Moment: Randy's movie impersonation montage on My Name Is Earl 
I think if you search around the NBC website you can find a video short of the scene. It's amazingly funny. My husband and I had to rewind it three times in order to catch every impersonation because we were laughing too hard. The best? Silence of the Lambs.

Song I play most on my iPod: One Fine Wire ~ Colbie Calliat

One Fine Wire is such a laid back song about a girl who really is losing it. But in a very cool, California surfer way. I didn't lose it this week, but maybe Miss Calliat had something to do with that. 

Pop Culture News: Johnny Depp signs on for a 4th Pirates movie

I can't decide if this is a good or bad thing. I have a problem with sequels. Usually they start to lose steam after the second movie (with a few notable exceptions - Indiana Jones, minus the insane alien thing in the 4th one; Harry Potter, because Harry is better in books anyway; Lord of the Rings, same deal as Harry...). I really didn't care for At World's End ... I mean, seriously, after three LONG movies you're telling me Will and his lovely Miss Swan can't live Happily Ever After? So perhaps the 4th will erase the bad taste left in my mouth at the end of World. Or would the sequel be better without Will and Elizabeth?

Blog Entry: Gray Area by Tia @ Clever Girl Goes Blog
I started following Tia about two weeks ago when her blog was featured on Blog of Note
Instant entertainment people! And do you know why? Because her honesty is incredibly refreshing and she has a spicy humor that keeps me smiling throughout her posts. Except this one. This one got me right in the heart. Go on, read it. 

And then the not so favorite thing ~ The Non-Cool Work Item of the Week:
This, gentle readers, is what is referred to as a RAT SNAKE. Yes, a snake. Now listen, I don't know about you but working in a large corporate headquarters filled with aisle upon aisle of cubes, I expect to find weird things. Heck, last week during National Talk Like A Pirate Day a guy on my floor actually dressed up a la Jack Sparrow for the entire day. The buildings are infested with weirdness. Odd things in the bathrooms, strange smells coming from the kitchen, bugs, mice ... you know, your normal large working space things. But not something this strange. 

How strange? Oh, just a RAT SNAKE caught in one of the mouse traps. 

I kid you not. Last week rumors abounded of a snake on the lose in the Cube Farm. I, of course, ignored these rumors (ok, the rumors came from the same people who insisted last year that the CEOs were talking about giving every employee the opportunity to take Fridays off without taking vacation time ... I mean, how reliable can they be?). But today I realized I can no longer afford to ignore the truth. There was a snake. A BIG snake. In a mouse trap. There are pictures, I have seen the proof. And now I'm scared to sit at my previously comfy desk because what if there is a snake slithering around by my feet? They like water too, snakes do. What if I go to the bathroom and find one curled up in the sink? There will be screaming. Because if there is one snake, you can bet your boots there's going to be another. And another. 
And that is NOT COOL.

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