Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update Me Baby

Every morning when I boot up the laptop to start my job search I inevitably do a few things first:

1. Immediately hit Google Readers and check out what my fav bloggers are doing. 
2. Go to USA Today Life section and read Lifeline Live and Pop Candy
3. Check email
4. Read local newspaper online

And then I finally search for jobs. That's the worst part of my morning. But when all that is done (and the baby is fed, changed and happily talking to his favorite toys) (oh and the laundry is in and I have enough clean bottles and the grocery shopping is done) ... when all that is done I start to think about my novel. And with that comes thinking about this blog. And then I feel guilty because I really don't keep it up like I should. So I'm sorry for that. This week a few things have kept me from writing a blog post. Just a few are:

Searching for the best book to read

And my heroine's changing personality. Suddenly she has become a tad crazy and her schemes are getting out of control. I've been having such fun plotting but the actual writing is kind of tense. I've re-written one scene at least five times and it's not working. None of my peeps are talking. 

Oh and I'm bummed because Reading Romance Books is no longer as of this Saturday. The owner of the site has decided to shut down. So no more reviews over there. I had a few coming up and one was for a great new book due out in July called A Stroke of Magic. I also had an interview planned with the author. So look for that here sometime in the next two weeks. 

For now I am off to surf the Internet while baby is busy in his swing laughing at his pacifier. Here's hoping my characters start talking and a miracle happens and I get a job. You can't have it all, but you should have some, right?

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